Wendy's Dances
Paper Plate #1: The Melt Up, 1998
Paper Plate #4: Rockettes
Paper Plate #8: Ring of Fire
The Big Day in Big Indian
Sledding "Over the Hill"
Magic Carpet Ride
Carla's Stellar Day
Carla's Stellar Night
Augusta Heritage Reel
Blue Lemonade
Old Dry Frye’s Ramble
The Third Degree
Caroline's Stellar Stomp (January 2018)
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The history of the paper plate contra:

During the 1998/99 Christmas Country Dance School in Berea, KY, a handful of dancers and a fiddler were up for more fun late night at Al and Alice White's house party - but there was no caller to lead them. The dancers collaboratively wrote a dance, adding a never-before-seen move, the "Melt Up" (opposite of a gypsy/swing meltdown, of course!). They wrote the dance down on the only thing that could be found - a paper plate -- lying on the snack table. They nominated the person with the loudest voice (that's me) to do the calling. A tradition was born!

Now, every year, the young (and young at heart) write a new "paper plate" dance - with something novel in it. This tradition sparked my calling and dance writing. I'm currently the holder of the paper plates, and am revising them in hopes of making them available in a collection (perhaps spiral bound and printed on paper plates?)


Audio & Video

Watch Wendy call a Hip-Hop inspired version of "Monday Night In Ballard" by Mike Richardson
at Christmas Country Dance School at Berea, December 2008


Listen now! Wendy calls Cary Ravitz's "Mary Keith's Harmonium" to music by Bag o' Tricks at Folkmadness 2009.

Click here for audio file.


Click here for Seattle "Binary Blackout" Techno contra videos, August, 2010.





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